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Once you place the order, you will be contacted by a Business Valuation Advisor within one business day. You will be asked to fill out a proprietary questionnaire to help us gauge the key indicators needed to value your business. You will also be asked to send us the following financial statements:

Once we review your completed questionnaire and financial statements, we will ask you any follow up questions and may request additional documentation. Upon receiving all the requested materials, you can expect to receive your Advantage Business Valuation Report in approximately one week (see sample report here). You will also receive a phone consultation with your Business Valuation Advisor to answer any burning questions you may have.

Remember, we can value your business if it is privately held, located in the United States, has at least 2 years of historical financials, and your business is not a high-tech startup that typically receives funding from venture capitalists. You can view the answers to frequently asked questions here.

With Advantage Business Valuations, you get a comprehensive report, absolute confidentiality, and private phone discussion with a Business Valuation Advisor. You have the convenience of paying with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.

Don’t guess. Know the value of your business with ease and confidence.

Typical cost of a formal business valuation: $3,000 to $40,000

Your price today for Advantage Business Valuation: $997

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