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Advantage Business Valuations is the #1 resource for small to mid-sized business owners to discover the value of their business. Whether you are looking to sell your business, evaluate the proposal from a potential business buyer, or assess whether it is worth selling your business now or in the future, Advantage Business Valuations allows you to know the value of your business with ease and confidence.

The business valuation process consists of five steps. First, you fill out a short Business Valuation Questionnaire that allows us to gain an understanding of the operations of your business. Second, we will ask you to send us your financial statements. The financials we need will depend somewhat on the nature of your business, but at a minimum, we will need your most recent two years of tax returns, a year-to-date profit and loss statement for the current fiscal year, and a year-to-date balance sheet. Once we receive all the requested information from you, we will review the data and ask you any additional questions. Shortly after, you will receive your Business Valuation Report detailing the value of your business and an explanation of the business valuation methodologies used. Finally, you will receive a private phone consultation with a Business Valuation Advisor to go over your valuation report and answer any burning questions you have.

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We can value your business if your business is privately held, located in the United States, not a startup in the high-tech sector that typically receives venture capital funding, and you have at least two years of historical financials. The standard Advantage Business Valuation is not considered a certified business valuation. It should be used for informational purposes only, and should not be used in court proceedings. We offer certified business valuations, which can be used in court proceedings and are much more extensive. If you are interested in a certified business valuation, please contact us to inquire about pricing.

Why should you choose Advantage Business Valuations to value your business? Advantage Business Valuations is a division of Advantage Commercial Brokers, which is a team of business brokers that specializes in selling privately held businesses. Working with thousands of business buyers every year, we understand the current market conditions inside and out, and know exactly how much business buyers are willing to pay and how much lenders are willing to fund. Our in-depth knowledge of current market conditions is crucial to deriving an accurate business valuation. While some CPA or business valuation web site might tell you what your business is worth based on a pre-determined formula, our Business Valuation Advisors can take a look at the figure and quickly tell whether the business valuation number is realistic.

You have worked too hard in your business to take the matter of business valuation lightly. When it comes to matters as serious as determining the value of your business, you need to hire the best business valuation experts to give you an accurate and realistic valuation. With Advantage Business Valuations, you get a comprehensive report, personalized attention, and peace of mind knowing that the business valuation figure you receive is realistic and achievable in todays market. Whats more, the entire process is easy and streamlined, allowing you to find out the value of your business quickly and easily. Click on the Start Now button to start your business valuation today!